Obama and Leadership

In the December 29 issue of TIME magazine,  there are articles about President elect Barrack Obama.  Here are three comments he made that gave me food for thought:

  1. "I think I have a good nose for talent, so I hire really good people"

  2. "I've got a pretty healthy ego, so I'm not scared of hiring the smartest people, even when they're smarter than me"

  3. "I have a low tolerence of nonsense and turf battles and game-playing and I send that message very clearly. And so over time, I think people start trusting each other and they stay focused on mission as opposed to personal ambition or grievance"

 I see:

  • The essentiality of genuine humiity as opposed to hubris

  • The essentiality of picking good people to be on my team

  • The essentiality of keeping the team focused on mission

  • The essentiality of building a culture of trust in the team and organization

I would love to hear your thoughts as you read these observations!




Hungry for More

In my book I have a chapter on being a life-long learner.  By God's grace I will be one until I take my last breath.  I recently read and have notes on three books that you will find under Book-Notes.

  • The Leadership Pipeline

  • Tribes

  • Leading with Questions

Check them out and the other material at



Delighting in God's Word

I delight in your decrees (Psalm 119:16)

It seems almost too simple, doesn’t it? Naïve.
At best, it sounds old fashioned and quaint.
Who comes to the Word of God with delight any more?
Aren’t we more sophisticated than that today?

We come with determination, diligence, discipline and a sense of duty

We bring charts, commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, graphs, maps, outlines, schedules, summaries, systems and study helps

We search for applications, attitudes, comparisons, concepts, contrasts, commands cross-references, examples, exhortations, illustrations, repetitions, statistics, and warnings.

We discover key words, key verses, key thoughts, key statements, and key chapters.

We develop word studies, topic studies, character studies, and prayer studies.

We use translations, paraphrases, editions, versions and revisions of versions.

We read and re-read until we become well versed.

We are experts on Bible study methods

What could the Psalmist have been thinking of; “delight myself in your decrees”

Surely, this approach is too childish for mature Bible Students! Still, some of us wonder…

Do you suppose it would be all right with the Father if we were to sort of ditch school once in a while and just curl up with a good book? It really is delightful


Standing up to and for Leaders

When do you challange a leader's decision or policy?

What is it appropriate to be a loyal dissenter?

When is being silent being a coward?

When is speaking out uncalled for?

Have you ever wrestled with these issues as a leader or a follower?

I just posted "The Courageous Follower" which was one of the most helpful, insightful and disturbing books I have read in quite a while. Leaders are falling right and left. Followers are turning their heads and overlooking abuse. This book has some solid wisdom and answers and is well balanced.  Visit Dave Kraft .org and look for the book under book-notes.


I Love Lists

Now, before you jump to conclusions and label me dysfunctional,  a fighting fundamentalist,  or something worse, allow me to explain.

First of all, In the way I live and steward my life, I am a firm believer in "Prioritized Do Lists." Every single day I make a list of what I believe He would have me do on that day and work my way through the  list; praying for insight, focus, flexibility and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

For more insight on this, visit "Priority Management Tips" in the articles section.

Secondly, God's Word is loaded with "Lists."  Here are a few passages that contain lists of essential qualities that we are to pursue with His help and enabling:

Galatians 5: 19-22~ A list of both the works of the flesh and the fruit of the spirit

I Timothy 3: 2-7~A list of qualifications  for a church elder

2 Peter 1: 5-7~ A list of attributes to pursue with the accompanying promise that if we do so we will never fall; that got my attention pretty quick.

Col 3:12~A  list that I am currently praying and meditating over; asking Jesus to empower me to have these qualities in my life: Compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience

I love lists in God's word because they give me some things to pray over and work toward.  I don't believe the Lord put these lists (and dozens of others such as the ten commandments) in His Word for my reading pleasure but so that I would be transformed and live out the attributes listed.

Perhaps one of my favorite lists (as it is rendered in Eugene Peterson's The Message) is Matthew 22:16  where the Pharisees pay Jesus a complement by saying, "Teacher we know:

  • You have integrity
  • Teach the way of God accurately
  • Are indifferent to popular opinion
  • Don't pander to your students

Wow!  As I teach, lead and love people, I want to be like Jesus as described in this list.

Now there are lists I don't like. These are the lists that people create of what they won't do and then take such lists and make them a measuring stick for other people.

You know what I am talking about.  During  48 years of following Jesus,  I have see these "Don't Lists" come and go; don't play cards, dance, go to movies, work on Sunday, wear make up, listen to certain kinds of music, etc. God's lists are good and man's lists are ...well just that; man's lists