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Just Say No!

Posted by Ron Edmondson

June 28, 2012

Leader, I’d prefer you say no…

than to tell me “I don’t know”…

…yet you already know your answer.

When you know the answer is no. Tell me no.

In my experience, weak leaders use phrases like:

“Let me think about it”…

“We might consider this…”

“Let me pray about that…”

“I don’t know, but we’ll see…”

“That could be an option down the road…”

Afraid of potential conflict, weak leaders make you believe there’s a chance…even when they’ve already decided there is not a chance.

What’s the damage of saying “maybe” when the real answer is “no”?

  • Unanswered questions bring confusion to the team.
  • Energy is wasted dreaming about something that will never happen.
  • Disappointment is bigger when the person learns the real answer (Or never receives one).
  • The team loses confidence in the leader.

Is that you want, leader?

Strong leaders, even though they know “no” is not what you want to hear, tell you the truth up front.

Hopefully if you follow this blog you know without me saying it that the answer shouldn’t always be no. I’ve written numerous posts about how good leaders empower rather than control. If, however, you know you’ve made your mind up, stop the guessing, stop building false hope, and tell me what you’re really thinking.


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