“Everybody needs a coach”

- Scott Thomas, professional coach and author of “Gospel Coach.”

Having a life/leadership coach can be a paradigm-shifting experience; it was, and is, for me.

Even seasoned athletes and top-notch musicians have personal coaches for support, wisdom and guidance in their chosen fields.

You would think that someone who has won multiple championships and risen to the top would outgrow their need for coaching; apparently not!

Benefits/values of personal coaching

1.  Life transformation in your walk with Jesus

2.  Intentionality in life and leadership

3.  Balance in your ministry/work life, your personal life and your family life

4.  Having a game Plan to accomplish stated objectives

5.  Being able to ascertain measurable growth/progress in all areas of life, work and ministry

6.  Accountability/with a trusted friend


Dave Kraft has been a professional coach for 13 years and has coached  approximately 300 leaders within the US and Canada as well as in England, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico  and India.

He is a caring, wise and experienced leader developer with 50 years of ministry experience.

He has coached lead pastors, executive pastors, worship pastors, discipleship pastors, youth pastors and business owners and is ready to coach you!

His coaching is reasonably priced. You will have two 45 minute sessions (phone calls) a month. 

If you would be interested in considering having Dave as your life/leadership coach, contact him by emailing